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Hey everyone, hurricane florence is gone (for me) and tojo is fine. I've been feeding him 10-11 crickets a day with some snacks of superworms in the mix. But recently, he has been acting like he hasnt had food in ages. I fed him over 15 crickets and 2-3 superworms today. (I stopped because i don't want to over feed him) But is this like a growth spurt or something else?


Seems like a lot, but without more info, how can anyone help you?

Well, I didn't really word this one right did I, So basically he has more hunger than usual. Here is some info

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - veiled chameleon, male, 7-8 months.
  • Handling - once or not at all every week or two.
  • Feeding - Parsley, crickets,horn worms, super worms, and lastly cauligreens. hornworms are treats, 10-11 crickets a day, and one of the veggies once or twice a week. feeding crickets every day, trying to go for a hornworm other week. fruits and fluckers gutload.
  • Supplements - everyday dusting with calcium no d3, twice a month with d3.
  • Watering - repti mister every 3 hours for 45 seconds (new times, but no signs of dehydration or difference in mood)
  • Fecal Description - Regular droppings, brown and some white at the end. I haven't tested him for anything. (a struggle to find a vet with experience for chams.)
  • History - Nothing except since I first got him he was a nice chameleon, also when I first fed him crickets using a cup he didn't need training at all, he just used it.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - it is a screen cage. 16x16x20 inches (getting a new one this week.)
  • Lighting - Zoo med 50 watt bask light and reptisun 5.0 UVB
  • Temperature - 79.5- 83*. 71f* lowest overnight temp. digital temp. thermostat, mesuring top, and bottom.
  • Humidity - usually 70-80%
  • Plants - I use plastic plants. but use bigger vegetables as live plants to snack on. ( Getting a ficus plant this week also )
  • Placement - near my bed. No close ac/fans. around 43 inches away from the ground
  • Location - Virginia, eastern america.

Current Problem - Acting more hungry than usual

Other - nothing to add, mood hasn't changed or anything.

Feel free to ask questions. (y)


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At 7 or 8 months they sure do eat a lot :) I really don't like anything Flukers. Cricket Crack is a good gutload, or you can make some yourself.
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