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does anyone bring their chams out for the day. i took carlos's cage out today and he seemed to enjoy it, he turned all celery green lie when he sleeps, and i think i might be doing it more often.
I don't trust to leave mine outside unnatended due to things like birds, cats and bastard children. Usually my chams get 3-4 hour sessions of sunglight while sitting in a ficus tree. I'll put a dozen silks throughout the tree to keep them occupied.
we were weeding the driveway, he was on the back of the truck right behind us, and all of the children outback so i thought it worked out fine.
One of the best things about not living in NJ anymore. I couldn't leave a ball or a bike outside for any period of time without it getting stolen by some jerk.

I was able to leave my veileds out for much of the year a few years back, when I was living with my parents in rural NC. It's almost as if they "wake up". The sunlight really makes a difference. Just make sure they can get some cover. My veileds were fine in 104 degree heat, but they had an 8x12x8 cage, and could seek cover. Put one in a small cage, with no shade, and they can die in 90 degree heat.

Also, keep them either caged, or under close supervision. Never underestimate how sharp the vision of birds can be.
My plan is to eventually build a cage outside that can't be moved and putting a lock on the cage door...won't be fool proof if someone really wants to get them but it's a measure of safety
Eric Adrignola said:
My veileds were fine in 104 degree heat, but they had an 8x12x8 cage, and could seek cover.

What kind of temperature varriance did you have?

It was 106 at my house in the shade yesterday. And at 68% humididty!!

Man, even my ficus plants are not diggin it! Hell, my pinapple tree is showing signs of de-hydration!!!!
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