Outside trip for Pascal


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Is it possible for that my new year old chameleon really likes being outside? He was seeming kind of puny today, so I took him outside and let him climb a small tree. He climbed for a while, was brilliant green the whole time, and I took him in when he opened his mouth because I assumed he was hot. He seemed so perked up! I loved it, but do you think he did too?
he could both love it and hate it.. But either way, it's very beneficial to your cham's health to get it outside to soak up some good natural sunlight. Especially since you're letting him climb up trees and stuff, that's awesome, and is more close to his natural habitat, which naturally he'll love and embrace.. one thing to be careful of is big birds in your area, ala hawks. Just keep a close eye on him, and keep him away from a whole bunch of kids that'll rush around him abruptly, which will stress him out. At least, that's what happens with my guy. He gets scared as hell when kids are around, all noisy and trying to touch him when i take him outside. He grips VERY type with his claws on my skin and crawls up to the back of my neck to hide. But yea, the more sunlight, the better, provided the temp outside isn't extreme..
I want to take mine outside too!

But dont know how to get him out of the cage since I dont handle him? Any ideas? Does anyone take the entire enclosure outside
sure you can take the whole cage outside. Just make sure if it is windy that it cannot blow over...it has happened to people on here and their chameleons have gone bye bye!
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