Outside chameleons cage options and advice


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Hi I have a jacksons chameleon almost a year old and he's doing really well outdoors . I'm moving to a place where living outside would be perfect for hi
All the time and since I live in Southern California I don't think it will be an issue . To control the heat when it gets more than 80 and for humidity sake I'm purchasing a mist king which will go off as much as possible in the given day. My questions are , what options do I have online for an outside enclosure I've seen them at expos but can only find exo Terra's outside enclosure . My second question is will he be too cold ? I am planning in putting a heat emmiter on him if that's the case but that brings the problem of getting an outside cage that allows me to have a light on it. (Keep in mind I'm hanging his cage on my porch where my other plants are and there is shaded areas as well ) thank you ahead of time for your advice
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