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Hi CF,
I set up an outdoor enclosure on my balcony 22x22x48. The entire set up is under an overhang(shaded from the sun from noon on) and it only get only morning sun for about 3 hours on nice summer day. The rest of the day would be in the shade. My question is, do I need to turn on UVB? My guess is probably not. But wanted to run it by the forum. I will turn on basking and monitor the temp if it drops. I live in Norcal and afternoon can get windy and chilly. Any suggestion on where I should set this up on my balcony would be appreciated. Morning sun (about 9-12 due to large trees) vs afternoon sun(11-5)?
Thanks in adv.


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Even if your cage in not in direct sunlight I believe it is still better than under the UVB light. My patio is the same except I get a litttle bit of sun from 6 until sunset other than that it is always shaded. I would put it in the morning sun if thats the only place where it get direct sunlight
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