Oustaleti skin problems


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Hi, i have problem with oustaleti chameleona, they are aeparated now and this appeard on skin of both, the foctor dont know what is that.


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Hi, i would suggest finding a good reptile vet in your area and having them do test on the site. Please keep us posted on this. I have never seen what looks like a skin infection/virus eat away at the tissue.
I've seen WC's come in like this. These look like maybe two different things. The black spots loo like wounds - bites or scratches. Was he in with another cham? The skin "flakes" look to me like a fungal infection (or could be bacterial) from unshed skin being allowed to stay on the cham. If this is, in fact, what it is (and it is a bit hard to tell from the pics), I have used a betaine swab and then rinsed with saline (just the CVS brand in the squirt bottle). It rinses all the betadine off and moisturizes to allow the dried ick to separate.

I also see some yellow crusty stuff at the inside elbow on the right front leg. Yellow crusty is how skin abscesses scab over. I think, based on what looks like multiple things going on, you need to disinfect the skin lesions, give a good saline wash, and get him to a vet for antibiotics or other medication. The eye is not looking good either and a nice saline wash might at least make him feel better.

Let us know how he does.
You know, now that I look at this photo again, it looks like there is a gland abscess at the jaw on the mandible. There is a lot going on here and again I would recommend a vet visit as soon as possible.

What gland is in that location?
Hello, it started that the male had only a little white thing on the top, an now also the female, I will go to see the doctor on monday. I hope it is not to late
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