oustalet question!


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This guy said his lived in a 18x18x36 without problems. He is trying to sell me another cage the same size for an adult panther and told me it should be fine. Lol really? Do these oustalet get much bigger?
Good question- yes they are very big, in fact that are the longest of all the chameleon species and rather large overall. Although Calumma parsonii (parsons chameleon) is the heaviest.

As for the enclosure -the minimum size he should be in is a 2X2X4 but ideally he should be in something along the lines of a 3X3X5
The bigger the better!
I would not recommend trying that, he may be able to "live" in one of those, but then again so could you in a closet if someone brought u food and water. I think it would make for a sad and possibly sick cham pretty quickly! I would not do it if I were in your position.
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