Oustalet Enclosures?


I would really like to get an Oustalet's Chameleon, but I'm not able to find much information about them, and the info I do get is often mixed. Unfortunately, there isn't a specific care sheet for this species, in the list provided on this site.

So far these are a few points I've found on different sites online. Please correct me if I'm wrong, or fill in the areas that are blank.

Minimum 3x3x4 for an adult (I'll probably go 4x4x5 or 3x4x5)

Temp/Humidity: ????

Lighting: ????

Live Plants: Non-toxic, although I hear that they do not eat vegetation.

Large crickets, roaches, hornworms, superworms, and feeder lizards/mice when he's full grown.

Amount of food per day: ????

Quick Oats, Roasted Kelp, Carrots, Oranges

Calcium, Cal + d3, Multi. Not sure how often though.

I also heard that their care is much like a panthers.... if that's true, could I just use the panther care sheet? (Just with a bigger cage)

Oustalet's are said to be pretty docile and do not mind handling as much as other species like panthers and veileds. Does this mean they require less privacy, or tolerate more high-traffic areas of the home?

I'd love to talk to someone who keeps Oustalet's. Any help would be appreciated! :D


I've been keeping Oustalet's in south florida for over a year now. I would generally say that their care is very similar to Veileds- feedings, watering, temp tolerances, etc. Large Oustie's do better in a larger cage. Wild caught seem to adjust to captivity more readily than Veileds, and they also seem a little more tolerant to housing in pairs or trios, although I currently house my 3 individually. I keep all my chams outdoors year-round here. I have heard of Oustie's not adjusting well to indoor care even when full spectrum UV and adequate basking temps are provided. I recommend keeping Oustie's, Veileds, and Jackson's ( the species I have experience with) outside as much as climate/weather permit.


Why don't they do well inside? If I made a cage that was 5X6X8, would that help?

Unfortunately my local climate will not allow me to keep chameleons outside for most of the year, but my husband and I would like to make an outdoor cage on our front porch, for those hot summer days.
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