Took my cham out into the morning sun the other day. He nearly bit off my hand, but I had fun shooting these pictures of him. He's my first in the hobby, I've only had him about 3 months and I'm not sure how old he is because I forgot to ask Mike at FL CHams, when I got him in May. But I think he's around 7 or 8 months.

What do you think?





thanks guys! I am an amateur photographer, so yes I love taking pictures.

And if you're reading this Mike, (FL Chams) Do you know ho old he is? You shipped him to me early May.


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thought your guy looked familiar. i believe he is pablo's brother(my veiled). if thats the case they were hatched in january. beautiful lookin guy too by the way.

I've been meaning to respond to one of your posts earlier sativa. I also noticed that we may likely have brothers.

Hope you're enjoying your as much as I'm enjoying mine.

Does pablo also have a real attitude?


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pablo is a beast. hes got alot of attitude but thats what i like about him. i practicly have to wrestle him out of his cage. but hes starting to come around. dankmeleon might have one too. his doesnt look so much like our boys but got him from the same place and the same age as ours.
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