Other Reptile Species?

Other Reptile Species?

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How many other species of reptiles do you have?

We thought it would be interesting to see what other reptiles the community is caring for besides chameleons.


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Aside from the chams there are the three-toed box turtles (Petey, Bebop, Raisin, Lola, Pirate, Spot, Dot), ornate box turtles (Layla, Calvin, Hobbes), star tortoise (Keeva), sulcatas (Scarlett, Rhett), gopher tortoises (Pancakes, Columbus), leopard geckos (Phoenix, Tucson), horned lizard (Doug), and iguana (Franklynn). :)


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In addition to my chameleons I have Dulce, my Cuban Knight Anole, Teddy, my Red-foot tortoise and Bart, my box turtle. :)


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I only keep African fat tailed geckos right now besides my chameleons. I have 1.3, one is a white out and the rest are amels.


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Besides my (just acquired Panther baby) we have three (2 female + 1 Male) New Caledonian Crested Geckos. AKA eye lash Gecko's.

Super cute but not at all active during the daytime I am afraid.

Activity starts at dusk and goes on all night long LOL

They are very tame during the day when they are sleepy :)

Daughter handeling one of the females:

They love to sit up high on shoulders and have no problem "hanging out there" for extended periods of time



Chamalot Chameleons
I have a Florida Softshell Turtle Named "Lucky" I hatched him from eggs I found in my yard.. hatched 13 babys and released all but one

Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle named "Pinkbelly" I ordered her online . She is bigger than the picture as I have had her about a year and half. Its the only picture on my computer

and a Bells Angle Head Lizard named "Monster" who lives up to his ferocious name.. I have had him over 2 years



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Good post Brad! Now I can see what others are keeping which I have always been interested in. I currently have: 2.3 leopard geckos-Spot my first is 19 yrs old :), Belgarath, Wilma, Pulgara, and Dhalia. 1.2 dumeril boas (my babies! Breeding trio with amazing genetics :)) Shirkan, Constantine, and Clementine and last but not least my newest love a blue tailed monitor lizard, Fluffy the Dragon Slayer. I would love to chat with anybody keeping this species as it is my goal to breed in captivity the amazing reptiles and amphibians of the world. Just a thanks to all fellow enthusiasts and pioneers of this hobby as it would not be possible without everyone's hard work and dedication!!



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I have my panther chameleon Finnick, who is about 5 months. as well as a 9 month, 40 inch argentine b&W tegu named Cato :) And soon to add a brazilian rainbow boa. Also have an avicularia versicolor tarantula sling named Savage :)




Currently in my little zoo I have: 3 Jax (one soon to give birth) Veiled female with 20 eggs soon to hatch and male Montium. The zoo (just kidding about zoo- just pets) also consists of 2 adult red ear sliders and 2 two year old babies, I give all the new babies away once eating. I also have big African bull frog (eats large rats, crickets, worms and just about anything else that gets close to mouth and 4 whites tree frogs. There is an albino coral female boa that is about 6 feet and Bobo the 3ft Savannah monitor. There are also two vinegaroon's (soon to have babies ) and adult female rose hair tarantula and 3 millipedes--almost forgot emperor scorpion and Mexican red knee sling. This does not include 3 saltwater tanks and 3 small freshwater tanks. Once a hobby always a hobby :) Pics on request.
pics 281.jpgpics 104.jpg pics 083.jpg pics 089.jpg


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I always have a few snakes around for educational presentations (currently a boa, couple of ball pythons, a couple of jungle carpet pythons and a black rat snake).

Also for similar purpose and from unwanted pet donations a slider, a box turtle and a pair of sulcata.

Of course lizards- I've kept and bred many species but currently keep several nice but cheap species since the fire and a few more expensive- have a wonderful pair of agama mwanzae (spiderman agamas) and the male is just gorgeous. The lizards are outdoors for the summer now and he is just glowing red, maroon, pink, purple and navy blue from across the yard. They are always active and fun to watch in the winter indoors- I have a couple of brick towers set up in their enclosure and they jump from one tower to the other and the male bobs all the time. The male changes colors constantly depending on his mood at a given moment- he just glows when he turns things on. Indoors he does orange along with the other colors mentioned- haven't seen orange outdoors yet.

Have a big interest in sceloporus - have several crevice spiny lizards (very nice and large live bearing species- envious of you guys who have these native), desert spinys and am lucky to have a few of the gorgeous sceloporus minor- female just had some super cute tiny babies a couple of weeks ago and I am surprised at how fast they are growing. Wishing I could find some blue texas spiny lizards or yarrows if anyone reads this who can hook me up.

Have a pair of argentine tegus. The female is huge and was born at agama international and raised to adulthood while bert was still alive so she is special to me.

Same origin for some of my aussie water dragons- and my second male came from a forum member here so he's special to me as well.

Also have several giant gran canara barking lizards (gallotia stehlini) which are really cool and under appreciated and under represented and super easy- some of mine were pets of kevin wright DVM at the time of his passing and I was a fan so they are special to me- one of my barking lizards is huge old male that is very tame like a bearded dragon. I also have a trio of the beautiful lacerta lepida (jewelled lacerta). Have dreams of making a trip to NYC to catch italian wall lizards, but I've never been and don't know where to start.

Several recently cleaned up and acclimated yellow uromastyx geyri that are doing great and were moved outdoors this past week. Acclimation the way I do it takes a few months but healthy uros are really great lizards.

A few very nice and "bearded dragon tame" painted dragons (agama).

A couple of "house" iguanas that freeroam the home during the winter and summer outdoors in their pen- female is over 5' long and very heavy bodied.

A couple of young shinisaurus.

A few leopard and crested geckos.

Of course bearded dragons from my group started in 1994, recently with some new genetics added now as I lost quite a bit of genetics in last year's fire. I'm kind of sad to see the trend nowadays seeming to move to the rediculously abnormal genetic traits like leatherbacks and translucents- I like those as part of the gene pool, but it seems stuff like that is breeding away the "classic" look and "normalish" dragons are getting harder to find, and in my opinion are better looking than the new oddities, just not as valuable financially.

Have a few giant butterfly agamas acclimating right now and some are starting to look good and show noticeable improvement a few weeks into things now. First time for me with these and am relieved that acclimating them like uros is working out well.

A few Yellow headed collard lizards- my favorite color morph of those. Not sure if I have a female though! I have a couple of adult males and a few juvies. I think I see one female in the juvies- am hoping so.
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Miss Lily

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At the moment I have just the one chameleon - a Carpet boy named Zippy. I also have a breeding pair of crested geckos (Splat & Buffie) and one of their babies (Rusty) from last year, plus my awesome Leachianus gecko named Armani! :D
Along with Loki (Male veiled) I also have a 2 year old bearded dragon Bowser. We just finished making him a new climbing insert for his terrarium. And him and my cat love each other lol


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