Organic soil?


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I purchased a Hibiscus plant and before I give it a soapy water bath I want to make sure I have the proper soil to replant it. I went to several Home Improvement places looking for Organic soil. The only one that I saw for pots had so called organic additives.

Here is a picture:


Can someone tell me if this is okay to use for planting? You can see the organic additives in the picture. It will eventually go into a Panther enclosure. If not can someone please give me some suggestions as to where to purchase the right soil?



I also bought organic for my veiled cage, but it didn't have any added fertilizer. I don't know if it's harmful to have those in it or not. I didn't want Mr Pink to ingest anything he wasn't supposed to (organic or not) so I purchased 3 bags of aquarium river rocks (that are too big for him to pick up or eat) and placed them on the dirt. Water can still get in between them, but now it's nearly impossible for him to accidentally eat the dirt.

Tanner Grisak

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Since the only fertilizers in it are all natural itll be fine. After repotting use large rocks to cover the soil at the base of the plant so your cham can't eat any soil and become impacted. River rocks work great for this as they are too large for your Cham to try and eat them.
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