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I bought Mantis ooths from a forum member about 3 weeks ago and I came home tonight and peaked into my housing bin and I saw some baby mantis, I was excited since when I got them in the mail it was really cold and the lady I purchased them from said her's hatched in about a week n half but I have one ooth hatched and waiting for the other 4.

Just thought I'd share.
They're pretty cute as hatchlings! If my manti would ever get it together I could get some more ooths...I've had 2 females fully mature for weeks but somehow the same generation of mantises is behind a few molts and taking their sweet time to catch up. Had another one final molt today and it was another female...fail.
Ya there neat, I wish I could have seen them hatch out.

I have never had them before so first experience with mantis's.

I had one crawling all over my hand already, fun little things.:)
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