Only his tail has shed :-/

Kaji is about 15 months old he shed about a couple of month ago and last week his tail started to shed and has shed about 3/4 of the way up his tail and thats it. Is that a sign of bad health or am I over worrying?

Also at what age will he be full size, I'm worried hes small for his age.

Thank you,
Chameleons grow at all different rates, no need to worry as long as your husbandry is spot on. Most chameleons once they are past a year or so will shed in chunks. My veiled full body shed until he was about 15 months. He also slowed down growth quite a bit which is normal but in the last 4 months he's gone through a huge growth spurt and I'm doing exactly what I've always done husbandry wise.
Just be sure to keep up on himdity while he sheds so he can go through it as fast as possible.
I would say they grow up until about 18 months or so. The shedding in parts is perfect normal as they reach adulthood. They will do this more than the full body sheds.
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