Only eating hoppers


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Figaro, my two year old veiled is only being given grasshoppers to eat. I've tried numerous worms, sadly, to no avail. I refuse to house crickets, as the males almost drove me to suicide a year ago. Say no more! I have tried red runner roaches, they only ended up as escape artists. I feel saddened that he's only having hoppers and no other type of food. On saying that, my veterinarian says, he's very well looked after.

Anything else he could try to eat?



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I just get a feeder cup, and put in a "trail mix", if he can manage to sort out just the hoppers, he is a better man than I.

But sounds like you have not tried super worms, or caterpillars such as silkworms. You could even try black solder fly.

But honestly even if he lives his entire life on just hoppers, as long as they are gut loaded and he doesnt hunger strike, he will be fine. The variety of feeder thing is mainly to prevent hunger strikes, and in case of lack of supply. If he is a hopper junky and they are out for a few weeks, then what...


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Are you able to get dubia or discoid roaches? Both of those are very poor climbers and unable to climb smooth surfaces. Neither fly. Both are quick and easy to reproduce as long as they are warm enough.
He may lack interest in silkworms as they tend not to move much unless prodded. Have you tried sticking one on a branch and let it move about? Put in your hand and gently poke so it moves. Have you tried letting them cocoon and trying him on silk moths? The males flap their wings like crazy, which should be quite attractive to him. You do have locusts there. Let some bsfl or waxworms pupate into flying treats. See if you can get a blue bottle fly spike or similar. Maybe stickbugs or mantids can be obtained.


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Locusts are the final stage of grasshoppers. He's thriving on the hoppers as another enthusiastic person said, just make sure they're gut loaded and he'll be just fine.

Thank you so much for your message 😊


What are you feeding your red runners in? Are they just running around in the enclosure or are they in a cup of some sort? My veiled loves grasshoppers as well, but they are quite expensive and so easy to get year-round.


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30l plastic aquarium. I've stopped all insects since December. It's hopper feast these days and boy, does figaro enjoy them!
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