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I am debating on whether to purchase a chameleon from Screameleons or (Kammerflage Kreations). I have contacted Screameleons three times asking about availablility and other various questions and every time they have contacted me back very quickly. On the other hand I have emailed once and have not heard back. Both have been by email. I find myself in a perdicament as I like the available chameleons on both sites equally (there are just a few more options from Just wondering about peoples experiences with either of these establishments. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
I have got 3 Chameleons from Kammerflage Kreations and plan to get more later on. They have also always got back to my emails so not sure why they didnt get back to yours but my experience overall has been very good with them.
Chameleonsonly all the way. Give them a call, you usually get a faster response, and Ed or Liddy will answer all your questions for you. I got my three chams from there and they amazing. Also after you buy a cham from them you can call and they will answer any and all questions for you.
This is one of those situations where you really can't go wrong. I have purchased from Screameleons and can say that they are top-notch. Chameleonsonly has a wonderful reputation and I have yet to hear anything negative about them. You really can't lose.
Ive talked with Liddy (Kammerflage Kreations) many times... she recieves tons of emails all the time and sometimes she has a hard time keeping up with them.. they give you the option to call them and they would be happy to help you with anything... i call and email them all the time (pictures and questions) about they chameleons that ive gotten form them and there always happy to help!

I personaly havnt worked with Screameleons so i cant help you on that one!
Thanks for all of the quick responses. Now I just have to decide which one to get!

What are the chances that this breed will be all yellow and red bc that would look killer

Anyone have any idea what these guys would look like as well?

the two on this page

I know people have mixed reviews on crosses on this site, would it make any difference for a first chameleon to not get a hybrid? Thanks much.
I have purchased my entire collection of Panthers from Kammerflage and Screameleons.I wanted to start my breeding with good stock and they have been outstanding.You can't go wrong with either one.They are also very willing to answer any questions you have,so the relationship doesn't end at the purchase. You can't lose! Good luck!
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It depends on the mother, but they could turn out any color of the rainbow, especially from that localle. In short, its a crapshoot. I would STRONGLY recomend Prism Chameleons. They offer adolescents chams so you have a decent idea of what they will look like. All are either captive bred of captive hatched, and Jenna is "as nice as pie." :)

I have to put in a good word for Screameleons. They sold me a panther and they were top notch people.
I have bought 3 chameleons from Kammerflage Kreations. One is a panther and 2 are veileds. The panther is the offspring of Tabold. He is too young yet to know what he will look like but he has some nice markings. They are very helpful and answerer a lot of questions from me. I know they get a lot of e-mails and are very busy but they try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you call and leave a message a lot of times they get back to you sooner.
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