one good light for both uvb and plants?


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I'm searching for one single bulb that would function for both the veiled chameleon's need for uvb rays, and also work for plants that require at least medium-high light. I don't currently have my cham yet, I'll be setting up the enclosure before I buy him.

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This isn't really an option. UVB lights need to be devoted to UVB - your future chameleon's life depends on it. Cham keeping is not the place for cutting corners, so you will need 3 separate bulbs (heat, UVB, plant light).

The best solution to this problem is to buy a (linear) dual light fixture and put one UVB bulb in and one plant bulb.


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I have a T5 quad fixture from light your reptiles. 1 plant pro bulb, 1 uvb bulb, and 2 6500 daylight bulbs. This works wonderfully for my set up and Cham. I have a fukers adjustable lamp fixture for my heat bulb so I can adjust the amount of heat.
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