Of the 3 popular types of indoor ficus, which if any are poisonus?


I recently found a site claiming ficus benjamina (or whatever) is poisonous to small animals. Very toxic in fact. Even toxic to humans to the extent we may have a rash or minor skin irritation when in contact from sap...and it is much more poisonous to animals. But, low and behold, I see many enclosures pictured on this forum using this exact type of ficus. Anyone got a few short words for me?

Here is a link to the poison ficus page
ty for input
Wow, guess nobody wants to share their experience with the 3 common types of ficus with me. Probably wasting my time asking my next question also..
You just picked a bad time to post your thread! Don't fret! Most of us are either at work or at school at 11:17am so we don't see this thread on our home page when we get home.
I have used the Ficus Benjamina in 3 of my enclosures with much success, so if you are looking for a ficus, just go with what everyone else uses. I don't have any further experience with the other popular ficus'.
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