Odd male panther behavior

My male panther seems to fall asleep 6-7 hours before lights go down. Not sure why. He comes out to bask when lights come on that's 10am. Then about 3pm disappears an is usually found under the plant pot that hangs. Photo attached of it. Was sleeping until I took photo.
Also been skiddish with eating not interested in hornworms or crickets.
Have to check uvb but 6% Arcadia is barely 3 months old. An basking Temps are around 80-82. I put some blocks raise up the lamp. Likes to climb the top screen but not often.
Also had a question purchased a log luncher feeder. Do they help an do any others use them. Got it after watching the 12 days of Christmas gifts for chameleons on utube.


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I wonder if the 10am lights on is confusing him because it's so late. Could you try lights on at 6 or 7am and off at 6 or 7pm?

During the winter my chameleons get up a little later and roost a little earlier but they shouldn't be totally asleep before lights off.

Has he been to the vet recently? When I was worried about the late rising and early roosting I took my Veiled to the vet for a physical and blood work to make sure everything was A OK.

I have a shooting gallery for my Veiled and full throttle feeder for my carpet chameleon. They both work just fine. Just position it so the chameleon can see the food from their basking spot.

Let's see what others chime in with. Hoping you get some good suggestions for your boy.

Klyde O'Scope

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Sleeping during the day—whenever that may be—isn't usually good.
At the very least I think it would be prudent to have a fecal exam done, followed up by vet visit if indicated.

From posts I've read, quite a few (lots?) use that style feeder. I built one that I use for crickets; everything else seems to go better in a 'bowl'. Whatever works.


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I use the bird feeder cup that Klyde O Scope pictured above. That’s what works best for my Jackson’s. As far as sleeping so early, I agree with @bbyoda . I would try turning lights on at 7am and off at 7 pm. That’s a more normal schedule for them. My guy sometimes finds his sleeping spot an hour or even two before lights out and he’s sleepy but not fully asleep til lights out.
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