October '05 Photo Contest

Chameleon Photo Contest October '05

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This is the voting thread for the October '05 chameleon photo contest. I have more plans for the whole contest process, but they are currently still in development. This will have to do until then.

Some useful links:
[THREAD=102]Contest Rules[/THREAD]
Contest Gallery Link

The winner of this month's contest will receive the book: The Panther Chameleon. This beautiful hard cover book is a must have for any chameleon enthusiast, especially those that are interested in the panther chameleon.

Currently, only one vote is allowed per member. As a way to try and curb any abuse, there are restrictions on who can vote. You must be an active member, or at least at one time have participated actively. All rules related to the monthly contests are up for discussion. The next contest will adapt new voting rules that are being designed by the community.

Voting ends on October 31. Good luck to everyone who entered a photo :)
Can more people vote please. By the way, I won't be entering next month's contest (to give the others a chance).:p
I am having a hard time deciding on my favorite for this contest. I have not voted yet.
I can't believe that 110 people have visited the photo contest thread and only 4 people have voted. And if we take into account that many of the votes come from the photographers, it just makes things worse.

Com' on, it doesn't take an hour to vote, so while your'e viewing the pictures, it would only take a click of the mouse to cast your vote.

Well, it would be easier to vote if I was allowed to. Not sure what the requirements are, but apparently I haven't been a member long enough yet.
Current requirements needed to vote:
1.) Your post count must be 3 or higher.
2.) You either have to of been a member for over a month or have a reputation of 15 or higher.

You can receive reputation from other members who like your posts. All new members start with a reputation of 10.

These rules were made by me in order to curb cheating. It is taking a while, but some better rules are being developed. If you have some suggestions please post them in the Photo Contest forum.

Heika, I visited a couple of your posts and gave you the reputation you needed in order to vote. If someone else is having similar problems, let me know.

There are currently 40 members who have the ability to vote. I will send an email out this weekend to those members in hopes of getting some more voters.
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Can I just say it is a shame a blurred photo was allowed to win. There must have been a hair or something in the middle of the photo but in any case it is blurred. I definately think in the future photos should be anonymous until the voting has ended. I am sorry but I am convinced my Globifer got few votes just because everyone knew I won last time. There is no way a blurred photo was better in any way than my Globifer one:mad:
Chamgirl, I took the photo and it's not blured. It's called depth of field and it's a way to play with the images in photography. In macro photographs depth of field is very limited and that's why the whole body of the chameleon is blured, but if you take a close look at the head, it's perfectly in focus.

The blured line in front of the chameleon is a branch that being much closer to the lens almost dissapeared from view, and that is what you mean by blured photo.

This is a crop of the head of the same photo, just blown up and reduced in the quality so that it would be allowed to be posted. Original size is 19.1Mb and maximum allowed here is only 250Kb.

I'm at the office so I don't have the specific details of the photo, but it was taken with a Nikon D2X, 60mm MACRO, on a tripod. Double click the thumbnail below and you can clearly see the detail of the very small scales on the head, even the scales of the eye, and almost my reflection in the chams eye.

Just one small favor, could you please do the same study I just did on the head (usually the most important subject in an animal photograph) of your winning chameleon from August?

When you took the picture, you aimed the center of the camera at the middle of the chameleon, so the belly is sharp, but the head is out of focus. This is not visible in the computer screen unless you blow up the photo or print it.

What you should have done is focus the head, then press the AutoFocus lock button and then composed the picture, then the head would be sharp. If you wanted the whole body to be sharp, then you should have closed the aperture of the lens.


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Even more reason my Globifer photo should have won then. You sound like you have studied photography but I just have a basic camera - I point and shoot. Whatever you may say about your photo, the centre is blurred because of the branch so is in no way better than any of the other photos entered. Maybe your photo should be excluded for being a 'professional' one.
Congratulations AlexF
Please send me a PM with your address.

Future contest voting will be anonymous. I will also begin to phase in other contest ideas that have been discussed in the contest forum. The November contest will be posted later today or tomorrow.
I think anonymous is a good idea. Congrats Alex.

chamgirl: I wanted to vote for your cham. very unique and nice looking. The reason I didnt was because I wanted to see a more natural looking background. I would enter the same cham in the next contest. I voted for the panther below the winner (2nd place).
Thanks for the feed back Mr Green. I agree with you about the panther photo that came in second place - that chameleon was very beautiful, one of the most beautiful Panthers I have ever seen in fact. I will give the next competition a miss but I may well enter a different photo of my Globifer in the future (only trouble is the voters will know she is mine as these are quite rare in captivity!) ;)
Oh my goodness. What an unsporting display in some of the previous posts.

I voted for Alex's photo because I thought it was exceptional. Since I don't really "know" any of you, I chose on the merit of the photo itself. My true reasoning was that the photo had a "feel" to it like good art. I don't know photography techniques, I went by gut feel.

Alex, it was a wonderful photo. To me, it caught the essence of the chameleon. Congratulations, your win was well deserved.

Being new to this site I'm not sure which one I would have voted for. All of them are great shots of very beautiful animals. I do like seeing a more natural background and I personally like the shot that didn't receive any votes at all. I hope in the future I will be able to post a few pictures of my Chameleons.
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