oak leaves?


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My property has lots of trees and twigs. I have put the downed twigs into his home. No pesticides have been used on my property because I feed my wild birds and squirrels in the back yard. I have no leaves in his home. My question is are oak leaves safe to put in his home? I read that oak twigs are ok but no mention of the leaves. It’s autumn now and the leaves won’t be around much longer. I really don’t want plastic leaves in with him. Thank you.


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Oak leaves are fantastic for leaf litter at the bottom, for feeding many insects, and even add a little to gutload.


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You can boil or bake the leaves for a few minutes to kill any pests or mites that might be hiding. The oak leaves are great for the bottom of the cage, but it sounds like you are looking to replace plastic leaves which leads me to believe you want live plants to replace fake plants. Fallen leaves or cut branches wont fill that need, but there are lots of plants you can add!
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