Oahu Veiled Chameleon/ Jacksons


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Im on oahu searching for chameleons. Looking to get a veiled or a jacksons. Im looking for both but leaning towards veiled. Does anyone on island have or know anyone who has?


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Actually, Veileds are going to be nearly impossible to get (trust me I’ve been looking into it too) they have not been seen here on Oahu. They’ve been spotted on Maui and one seen on Kauai, however to get one brought here would be considered illegal.

“Regulatory Status: Hawaii Injurious Wildlife (HAR 124). Hawaii state law prohibits importing or transporting within the state of chameleons, lizards or snakes.” (See https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/hisc/info/invasive-species-profiles/veiled-chameleon/)

Jackson’s chameleons can be found easily, however a captive bred will be difficult to find, and even more difficult to verify. Most likely you will find someone selling wild caught Jackson’s. The guy that sells for $10-$30 near Waipahu High School also sells on Craigslist and he keeps them grouped together and they look quite miserable, my Jackson’s was actually bought thru Craigslist, if you go this route you may want to have a fecal done at “Feather and Fur” in Kailua. It’s the only vet I’ve seen recommended on the forums.

The Pet Hale and Pets r Us (Mililani), Kalihi Pet Center, PetLand (Kahala) will sometimes carry Jackson’s, you may want to call ahead to be sure.

Honestly, they will most likely be wild caught too. My husband and his coworkers catch them sometimes while they work the power lines in the mountains. I could contact you if they find any. I would like to make sure you know what to expect before bringing one home.. please go thru the caregivers guide at https://caskabove.com/ so you’re prepared for this adventure. Hope this helps you and good luck 🤙
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