Nuts over chameleons review!


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When I decided to buy another chameleon I really couldn’t decide if I wanted a panther or Jackson’s. I was leaning in the direction of a Jackson’s because I wanted a high red panther and thought it would be difficult to find. When I started to talking to @Matt Vanilla Gorilla it was easy to tell how much passion he has for his chameleons. He couldn’t make me any promises on a high red panther due to his babies not showing color yet. Which I very much appreciated that he’s not your typical salesman who just tells you what you wanna hear. He was very professional and honest. He sent me tons of pictures of what he had and I realized I wanted a chameleon from him. I’ve never owned a panther and he gave me a ton of advice to make me feel very confident.
I purchased this lil guy from him last week but couldn’t be home for shipping until today. He remained in contact with me still sending me pictures of our new purchased baby. I could not be happier with my decision to buy a panther chameleon from nuts over chameleons: mt Shasta panther.
Thank you @Matt Vanilla Gorilla
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