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Here is my enclosure 33x19x19 wrapped in wire mesh I have a schefflera and the other plant came from the breeder and a dead wood and finally a vine. Any suggestions or comments are welcome since I'm new to this... Thank you. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1371404547.292988.jpg


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That looks like an adult veiled.

For an adult veiled they need 4 feet height, 2 feet width, and 2 feet length for their space.

The tube shape enclosure is fine, but make sure it is sturdy.

Another piece of advice is to find some sticks the width of the cage and drill holes at the ends, and tie fishing line to them. Then attach the sticks horizontally across the cage so the chameleon has a place to walk.

It doesn't looks as if this cage provides much horizontal space.

Those are my immediate suggestions :)

this is an example of an ideal setup Pics/IMG_6180RS.jpg

lots of branches.
here are more examples


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10 months is kinda considered adult.

10 months in fact is adult size. I recommend even having an adult cage at around 7 months.

I would go ahead and get an adult cage.


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Ill second saintjimmy.

At that age, a male veiled needs the big boy cage.

my male went into his big boy cage when he was 7 months old.

its time ot upgrade.

I guarantee he will be happier in a bigger cage.
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