Not the best news from the vet today!


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A couple of days ago I noticed my 5 year old male veiled, Camo was not using his back right foot much and he began to fall a lot due to imbalance on his vines. He's an old guy with chronic eye problems but he's been generally healthy. He's been my least high maintenance cham since I got him 4 years ago!

Anyways I was pretty surprised to see his right rear ankle swollen up like a balloon and when I handled him I could see the pain in his eyes! Off to the vet we go to for some Metacam and a check up.

Turns out Camo is experiencing renal failure and due to his advanced age my vet suggested he may not be around for too much longer, which of course devastates me as Camo is my pride and joy and I love him dearly. My vet said he's already had 'quantity' of life and while he may not always prescribe Metacam to a renal patient, he wanted 'quality' of life to be paramount in his last days and free of pain while living them.

Tomorrow Camo will move into a smaller cage with vines low to the ground in case of a fall. I am to let the vet know how he's doing in a week.

Please keep my old man in your thoughts, he would thank you, as would I.

The day I brought Camo home - he was already a year old!

At 3 1/2 years of age
395098_10150501160878441_1049327617_n.jpg 5 years of age

And....the right rear ankle
Wow he really is a beautiful animal. Sad to hear that he is on the home stretch, but like your vet said, he's already had a good run and I'm sure he is super lucky to have you as his person. I hope he lives the rest of his life in happiness, however long that may be.
Camo is a gorgeous boy. Obiviously his mom knows his moods and well being and picked uip on his condition quickly. Sometimes there is no magic bullet to fix something. Especially old age. He had a great life, loved and cared for by you.. Be at peace knowing that you gave him a great life. May the rest of his days be comfortable...know that this is the process of life and that having the opportunity to exist is worth the transition to departure. Its a good time to reflect on the intrinsic value of all living creatures and also a time to appreciate the importance of our connection to family and friends.
That is a Really pretty Cham i hope mine can have colors like that. I am also sorry to hear the news hang in there.
Sending best of wishes to both of you during the last part of his journey before he transcends. He is absolutely gorgeous & it is quite apparent that you have given him the best life a captive Cham could have. Sending Hugz your way from the land of the giant trees. (((Hugzzz))
Best of luck to both of you. I'm so sorry for you. May your last times spent together be joyful for both you and him
I'm sorry to hear about that but I'm sure you have been giving great care over the years. He is one pretty boy. I wish him the best of luck.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes, we appreciate it very much! It's always hard losing someone you love but I take comfort in knowing that Camo has had and continues to have a great life with me and my family. I will make him as comfortable as possible, throw an extra butterworm his way whenever possible and continue to spoil him with my special brand of chameleon love! :)

Thanks again

Awh Lisa, so sorry to hear about Camo. Reid and I are sending him good healing vibes! Don't hesitate to call us if you need anything.
Aww I am sooo sorry to hear about your guy. We recently had to put down my first chameleon :( It was very hard on the whole family and we had 8 years with him. Its best to focus on the time you have had and the time that you still have with him. You are a great chameleon keeper, I know he has had a great life with you enjoying all the juicy feeders without the risk of being eaten by something bigger then him ;) . You will do, what you know is best for him When that times comes. Sending all our well wishes your way. Good luck Camo :)
Awh Lisa, so sorry to hear about Camo. Reid and I are sending him good healing vibes! Don't hesitate to call us if you need anything.

Thanks so much Julia, I appreciate it! I'll give you guys a call in a couple days, I have plans (and reservations!) to camp over the May long weekend, but will see how things go with Camo!
i feel for you. Pixel, one of my panthers turned 6 ½ a few months ago. he’s on metacam for some osteoarthritis, and the last 2x i tried to breed him he prolapsed both hemipenes each time. so his breeding days may be over too. he’s still in pretty phenomenal shape overall, but has been losing some weight over time.

i’m happy that your man is getting some good QOL in his sunset time, but i also want to say that renal situations can often be prolonged through some other medications based on where he is on the disease scale. if you wanted to post his bloodwork or PM it to me, i’m happy to offer a 2nd opinion as to whether adding some other simple meds or fluid therapy may be of benefit.

kudos for your care! i hope there is a looooong time before any other changes may take place. :)
My thoughts are with you and Camo, and hopefully Dr. O can give you a second opinion with some good news. Fingers and claws are all crossed down here :eek:
I am so sorry to hear this about Camo, he is so gorgeous.....I know he has had the best a cham can expect and maybe even better, my prayers and thoughts to you and Camo.
Dr. O thank you very much for your input on Camo, I really appreciate it and of course I value the opinion of all the Forum vets so I will contact my vet today to see if I can get the blood work results and have you take a look at them. I trust my vet 100% as well, but of course a second opinion never hurts!

I want to further thank everyone else for their kind words and comments, Camo is doing just 'okay', he'a falling ALOT and I'm worried he's going to harm himself. Time to get the towels out to cushion these falls.

I will get back to you Dr. O, and thanks to everyone - I will update this thread if there's anything to update! :eek:
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