Not sure when shes done?


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My chameleon Olivia is sending signs she is finaly laying. She is a veiled about a year old. began showing the robin blue spots about 4 months ago. She has began leaving the top of her cage and hanging out in her potted plant. I keep the temp up (as per the vet) to about 79-80deg, and a sheet covering the entire cage. I have continued to spray the cage 2x a day from the top, so i am not making direct contact with her. She will go down in the plant in the mornings then after 4 hours or so will come to the top and hang on her normal branch. The first coupple days she was covered in dirt. I assumed she was digging. At what point do I go in and look? The last time she ate was about a week ago, and that was only baby food. She is being a very picky eater. Hunger strike for close to 3 weeks got silkworms and horn worms, ate well for 2 weeks or so now being picky again. Her eyes are not sunken in, no malformations in the legs, other than being a bit skinny she looks great. If any one has any advice I would love to hear it! Fyi its is both of our first times so I am kinda paranoid about something happning to her.
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