Not sure if gutloading crickets right.


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I have a red barred ambilobe panther i gutload his cricks with Orange cube by Fluckers and use the cricket keep from petsmart, i plan on making a dubia colony in the near future.

The crickets i buy end up dying in a few days the orange cubes say its food and water but im asuming i need further things then just the orange cubes, i feed the same crickets to my jacksons cham as well they both seem very happy ill post pictures of their enclosures and list the supplies i use as well if need be :)

also, i give him superworms from petsmart now after i take him out of his cage after putting him back like a treat or something i give him maybe 1 or 2 along with said crickets!

EDIT::10:17pm)) I have D3 dust for his crickets i give him about like once or twice a month or every few weeks or so i've still yet to find the correct calcium and other nutrient powders and cant seem to find any in stores so im looking for the ones i need all i can find is the D3 stuff i need to find the multivitamins and all that too x.x

Will post a video of all i have and stuff in the morning :)
Try getting the crickets from some were else if possible. Also I feed mine stuff with protein and all that good stuff And with moister. I do t use any of that store bought stuff. Try not to feed to many supers no more then 1-2 times a week and no more then a few.
Sandrachameleon (believe I got her name right) has a whole bunch of blogs on gutloading. Should check them out! =)
Repashys calcium works out great for Dusting your bugs. You can find it on amazon. Dino fuel works great for gut loading. Tom Kilgour sells it.
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