Not eating, won't open eyes, plz help!


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Our male veiled chameleon is about 4 months old, is about 3.5 inches long w/out tail. We've got him in a 40 gal aquarium tank w/ screen lid (we're getting an open air cage soon), he's fed some type of fruit fly(?) and he gets misted and sprayed daily. We have a vine type of plant and some skinny dowel rods for him to climb on. His temps are 90f in the basking spots and 80f in the lower areas. We use calcium powder on every meal and use a reptisun 10.0 uvb bulb and he can get within 5 to 6 inches from it. Two or three days ago he quit eating completely and won't open his eyes at all. He's got stripes and dark spots on his sides, which for him means hes stressed out. He hasn't been moving alot. Any ideas what could be wrong with him? Any and all help greatly appreciated!!
I kinda had the same problem with my panther, he was eating ok but his eyes were always closed, i did some resaerch and it turned out his humidity lvl was way off, he was also scratching his syes alot on branches, once i got the humidity correct he is doing great, not sure what humidity lvls Vailed need, but you might wanna check it out
Hope you take my suggestion!!

I suggest that you still call a Exotic Vet and book for an appointment as soon as possible!.
Basically, your Chameleon is still very young and can't afford having this serious health issue continue on like this anymore! Each day that you delay taking him to an experienced Exotic Vet may mean sudden death for your little guy! So to emphasize what I would do if I were in your shoes at this minute, take him to the Vet ASAP!!

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