not completing the shedding process

Fate X

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my 8 month female veiled Splinter is having trouble shedding theres some skin left on her face and mouth this unusual for her .

does she have a vitamin defeciency thats causing her to not shed proper?
im running 2 humidifiers now to increas the humidity because it seems low at times thing is everyone else is shedding ok.
room humidity 50%-73%

she has a complete setup:
30"x30"x18" meshcage
live schefflera/plastic vines /bend a vines
dripper/mist system/and mist bottle
18"reptisun 5.0/2- 24"reptisun 5.0/sometimes a 5.0 reptisun compact flourescent
75-80 f cage temp daytime
71-75 f night temp
feeding gutloaded crickets and superworms .
she had a mystery illness a few weeks ago with a closing eye and gaping mouth the eye problem is over but once in a while her mouth is open.

problem is she aint shedding right.
You can facilitate shedding by placing your chameleon in a container of shallow, lukewarm water for the better part of a day. If it's just a few pieces of skin here and there, very carefully remove them with a pair of tweezers if they linger too long, as this can cause constriction on different parts of it's body such as the tail and feet. Be especially careful around the eyes.
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