Not a Morning Chameleon


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Hi everyone-
I have had my 6 month old Ambilobe Zeke for two weeks. My last cham was not touchy-feely and vet visits were sources of major trauma. I am trying to paitently work with Zeke so that he can free-range some outdoors on the weekends without stressing over the handling. My problem is that our schedules are not working out... I work, so I have more time with him in the morning, when he is definitely not in the mood. In the evening, he likes to get into his "bed" around 6 and wait for lights out. He will hand-feed, however, you can tell he would rather I wait for a few hours, so I really don't try anything else. I am afraid that by doing the hand-feeding at 7 a.m. I am stressing him out. Any suggestions?


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Try morning sun/heat lamp where he sleeps. Mine takes an hour to get up the motivation just to get to the morning basking spot.
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