Nosy Faly- More beautiful males

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Here are more of the beautiful Nosy Faly we got in a couple of weeks ago. They are wild caught. We've been treating them with Reptaid. Many already have clean fecals. Some have less than 1 parasite per slide view and so are almost ready to go. We shipped one this past week. The new owners were thrilled- he drank right away and is actually eating crickets right out of their hands. This group is, for the most part, very gentle and mellow.

Price is $750 each. Plus $35 shipping. We also have a very limited number of females available. Please PM, or email [email protected]. Or call 360-893-1843 or 253-576-3309. We accept credit cards and PayPal. Thank you. Sandy

This guy just popped a shed tonight. Still needs to shed his legs and tail but he's looking great.

Lots of white space on this guy and nice reds.

Another nice big guy with plenty of red including matching red forelegs.

This guy has great blues and a very long, cool looking, rostral process.

This guy shows a lot of pure white.

This guy shows a lot of red
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