Nosy Faly Babies

I am proud to announce that the babies are almost a month and a half old and some are already starting to show some colors. The sire is Maranello a WC specimen brought in by Charlie 2 winters back and the dame is from Magestyk also a WC from the lines of The Chameleon Company. The Babies of the second clutch are 20 days old with the third clutch starting to hatch.

First clutch 5 of 5
Second Clutch 14 of 16
Third Clutch 3 have hatched waiting on the other 18

Enjoy the pics.

Sire Maranello:

Dame Modena:

Dame's Sire Magestyk:

40 Day Old from the first clutch

Whitest of all

Second Clutch

Third Clutch

Thanks for looking
Thanks for the kind replies. Yes I will be selling them when they are strong enough and big enough to go to good homes.
Ready to go

Thanks for all the pm's with interest in the baby chams. The first clutch is ready to go. I will be posting the chams in the classifieds soon.
here are some current pics of the babies. Please note that the markings are 1/2" marks. There is also a HUGE baby (2nd pic) that I am having a hard time sexing but I think it is a big MAMA (female) He/she is almost double the size of the siblings.

and this high white male that loves to hide:

Second Clutch should be ready to go in about two weeks.

Thanks to all

No, all the pics are different animals. He is actually dark in the picture. and trying to hide. It was a pain taking the pic.
I know I think it is only wishful thinking she was a male :D. She is almost double the size of her siblings and has beautiful blues and hints of yellow lips. she will be a stunner
Look what a couple of weeks does.

Just a couple of weeks later look what time does:

Male -1

Male -2

Female Look at does beautiful blue cheeks.

ENJOY will be posting these beatiful falys on the classifieds this weekend.
Holdback Pictures of the classifieds

After a lot of requests:

Here are the pics of the holdbacks that I have left

Just refer to the pic when you like the cham.


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