Nosy Be Who Needs Some Major TLC


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I have a local pet shop that I buy all of my supplies and feeders from here in Canoga Park. These people take pretty good care of their animals, but they have a female Nosy Be who I would love to see rescued by a knowledgeable chameleon keeper. I didn't want to take photos of her, since I am in there so often and know some workers so well. The poor little girl breaks my heart every time I visit and I think she has been in the shop for at least a year. She is in a 2'x2'x3' glass cage with a screened top and is sometimes housed with other younger chameleons (I think she has been quarantined by herself recently). I believe she was recently egg bound and very sick because of it. Last night when I saw her, her mouth had little white lumps all the way around both lips (possibly mouth rot or some kind of infection). I was glad to see her awake during the day, since a few weeks ago I saw her sleeping. I'm sure that the main reptile guy is giving her minimal care, but she needs much much more. She always has that save me look on her face and sadly I can't afford to take on a sick chameleon right now. I just wanted to put the word out to anyone in the area who might be interested and I can p.m. the name of the shop.


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You have a big heart:)..... give those reptile guys/gals some advice in the meantime, hopefully someone will take this girl off of their hands..
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