Nosy be males and females from amazing bloodlines

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Ladies and gents I have baby true blue nosy bes that will be ready to ship in a few weeks. The sire is Neptune from creature chameleons. The dames sire is Blue Dream from chameleon paradise. Both of these have that amazing blue every one wants. Neptune is Sinatra s son from the kammers .look him up .males are $300 and females are $240 plus shipping. First pic is Neptune second is blue dream.third is one of the available males I only have a few males so if you want amazing bloodlines for your breeding project email me at [email protected] will adjust price if you buy more than one.


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I have two males left and several females from this clutch. Related pairs 450 plus shipping. Thank you for looking


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I have one more nosy be male left from this clutch ready to ship next week. Also have several females. Will give a discount if you buy more than 1
No more males left from this clutch. I do have a small group from the second clutch that will be ready in the near future. Here's one of them in this pic. Theres a deposit on him already but have his brothers. Also if you buy more than one female I will sell them at 180 each.
Update no more male until about a month , females are 215 +shipping and if you get more than 2 they are 175+ Thank you.
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