Nosy Be Females adult/subadult

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I have 2, basically adult females that I need to sale. I thought i could keep them all, but it just doesn't make sense. They are all in the 7-8 month range and would be ready to breed a few months after you got them home. There father is pictured below and is a stunning blue animal. Pair these ladies up with a blue male and you cannot go wrong. They are all very healthy and have never had any health problems. Im asking 250-325 per female plus shipping depending on size and overall appearance. I have a small 5 month old male that is not related that I could create a pair or a trio with (make me an offer if interested) I might be interested in a trade for a green body blue bare ambilobe female of comparable age or a Faly pair (if I can clear out some cage space). PM me if interested or if you have any further questions.


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