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well, today i purchased my first chameleon, a veiled chameleon. I've done my basic research on them and have been around reptiles for some time now. I hadn't originally planned on purchasing a chameleon right away, i've just been browsing different locations and different critters. I've got an entire spare room devoted to my little creatures. yesterday we had looked at a Fisher's Chameleon and I had thought he was pretty cool, so i decided i'd take a night to sleep on it before making a purchase..i had also wanted to look at another well known and highly reputable shop which is where i happened to find this veiled chameleon. he is a four week old veiled chameleon and the store owners said that he was looking pretty sharp, he was a plumper so i took that as a good sign. a bright bright green little male, very curious and very friendly. i look forward to being on this site for quite some time and hope to advance what i know about these little here's a picture of my little fella, his name.... Tator Tot

Hello intergalatical, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

Nice picture. Great name for your cham :D
I look forward to hearing more from you and seeing more pics of Tator Tot.
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