Noki Baby ~ 6 months


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This is Zephyros, my now roughly 6 month old from Komeleon's Noki!

Here is the day I got him. Almost 4 months old.

Another at around 5 months, young fire up!

And here are a few now. His colors are spectacular, couldn't have asked for a better pick from Noki!

Face shot

Annnd tired of the camera haha

Love his little fire ups.

He is really friendly too, no gaping at me at all. Unless of course I have the hideous camera!


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Wow he is a beauty! I love all the different colors he has~the orange tail and the red face. He is gonna be killer when he reaches adult hood, not that he doesn't look awesome already!


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Thanks guys! He has definitely turned out how I wanted. It will be interesting to see what he looks like as an adult, they change so much!


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wow rob, he looks awesome! his blue bars are soooo nice. great job w/ him!

Thanks! Couldn't be happier with him. He cracks me up. It's like I can get a good 4-5 pictures in and then all of a sudden he is like "Ok that's enough" and puffs up.
Beautiful little guy! His colors are amazing. I have a little Noki boy also! :D They're gonna be beasts just like daddy! :p
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