no substrate??


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so weve, my gf and i, had izzy my veiled chameleon for 2-3 months and we got him from a somewhat stupid local pet shop . we love him and we handle him hes our favorite reptile pet(we also have a ball python, iguana, and savannah monitor, all of which are juveniles at this point). i found this site when we freaked out after seeing a small piece of substrate(pet shop recomneded) it was wood but small and it passed and izzy is good again.

so i wanted to clarify no substrate or use newspaper or something?

and we also have looked into live plants for him we have pothos in the cage and a hibiscus for his little free range area. any tips would be cool


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yes NO SUBSTRAITE newspaper or paper towel is good i use a outdoor carpet that is all natural and resists mold and fungus, pothos and hibiscus are great i also use umbrellas they grow big and sturdy and keep leaves better than fiscus


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Nothing on the bottom but some holes for excess water to drain through is the best way to go if you ask me. Just rig something under the cage to catch the water. Paper towels and newspaper become a soppy mess with the proper amount of daily misting in the cage.
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