No eggs yet!!! about a year old


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I currently have 2 females and a male panther chameleon, all three are some sort of cross between two different locales. Anyways one female has laid eggs twice already and suddenly stopped during the winter months, and the other one is almost a year old and hasnt even laid any clutches. Im kindof worried something might be wrong with her, so here are my questions.

Is it normal for females to take a while to become sexually mature and lay their first clutch?

Do they sometimes stop for a few months after laying a large fertile clutch (40 eggs)?

How can i tell if they are somehow egg bound?

At what time is it a concern if she still hasnt produced eggs?
I know that with veileds, egg laying can be inhibited by controlling temperatures and food. I believe it's thought that will work with panthers as well. Perhaps your just doing the right thing to minimize the egg production.
Some lay eggs earlier than others. It might be partly due to the amount they eat and partly due to what they eat.

Can't tell you for sure if the clutch size would make a difference, but I don't think it would. I've never had a female panther lay a clutch that big...they all laid in the low 20's for me.

Signs of eggbinding may include but are not limited to these signs...lethargy, sitting low in the cage, eyes shut during the day, inactivity, etc.
oddly enough the female in question has been giving me problems since i got her in april, so she normally shows all those signs of being egg bound way before she was even 6 months old. Im really not sure what to do with her anymore because i have tried everything to get her to the point where she is happy and nothing i have done has changed a thing including going to multiple vet visits, even went to different vets to get second opinions.

Like when i first recieved her she mostly stayed a pitch black color for a few months and then every once in a while would calm down for only a little while until she went back to the dark colors again. For all i know shes just a grumpy little chameleon and thats just her personality, but it makes it hard to gauge any abnormalities when their norm appears to be abnormal in comparison to others
I've never had a female panther lay a clutch that big...they all laid in the low 20's for me.

Yea i was shocked about the clutch size as well, if it was one more i think i would of called the guiness book. I gotta give credit to my stud, Pai Mei!!!
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