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Hello! Just wanted to say "hi". I am a new chameleon owner, just bought a hatchling last Saturday and named it Rango (not original I know haha). He is doing great, so active. I am not a newbie in owning reptiles however, I have many which you can see from my signature. I started with corn snakes about two years ago and my number of reptiles that I own has gradually increased since haha.
Yes I have pictures, but it isn't letting me upload today. But he is very healthy and incredibly active. The only thing is I noticed he tries to climb up the glass so I went on the web and someone said veiled chameleons have to have a screen cage on all sides, which I figured when I first got him but the breeder said I could use a regular glass aquarium, so I've ordered a reptibreeze screen cage for him which is coming into tmrw. He'll be so happy! That's really the only problem I've had so far. Thanks for the help links :)
yay! Now it let me upload
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