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I have had reptiles in the past (tegu, monitors, iguana, skinks), but new to the cham. I purchased the 65 reptarium and have a cb baby male veiled to be shipped when I am ready, but I also purchased the Habba mister before seeing these forums and according to everything on this site, it will not be useful. So, I have decided not to open it and instead place 1 or 2 tupperware bowls on the top with pinholes and do manual misting twice a day until I can get a proper misting system.

The question - How many pinholes should be placed in a container? Should this simulate rain or would this be a one hole deal specifically to stimulate drinking?

Thanks for any help. I believe I am setting everything else up according to the wealth of knowledge on this forum and want to make sure this guy has the greatest experience in my home.
You only really need one hole in the container. The aim of the dripper is to get a steady flow of drops falling onto the foliage inside the cage, so that the cham will have the chance to lick up water from one or more of the leaves that get wet by the dripper.

You don't want too big a hole, because the water will drain out too quickly (it needs to supply water to the cham for a large portion of the day), and you don't want a hole that is too small because the water won't drip out fast enough to attract the chameleon's attention (they can't smell the water - they need to be able to see it to find it).

As a general guide, try make a hole that allows drops to fall at a rate of about 1-2 per second.

Here is a good article: Simple drip systems
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