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Hi, my name is Jill and i own and run Green Flag Reptiles located in Tampa, Fl. I specialize in designer morph Ball Pythons, Leopard geckos, sand boas, and carpet pythons. I also have a display Biak Green Tree Python. My newest critteris a 4" (including tail) blue bar ambilobe named Xenon. Im not sure if its ahe or she, and it hides so well in its ficus i cant get a pic for sexing.the tub he came in said male, but they also told me he was to young to sex. His color has been tree branch grey with a white set of ines down his sides.

Anyways, this is not my first cham. In 2011 i got a male blue nosry be who was gorgeous. Then a year later rescued a female nosey be who laid a clutch of infertile eggs, then stopped eatting and i semi nursed her back to health. I had the femalle 4 years and the male 6. Now im looking for a red bar ambilobe male...hoping to pick one up at the FIRE show in september. Have a cage all set on my lanai under the nice florida sun. I may breed down the road, for now just looking for some living Eye Candy.

Look forward to meeting everyone and their chams!



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Hi Jill and welcome!! What part of Florida are you from??? If your chameleon is 4 inches, we should be able to sex him/her for you with good clear pics of the tail base. The coloring can be deceiving when young, so it is hard to sex them on color alone. Most breeders can sex them right out of the egg, so am not sure where you got yours from and why they could not be sure of the sex.


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newbie...sexing picv

I live in Tampa (Lutz) florida. Heres a quick pic i took, let me know if its useable for sexing or not. Thanks.


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