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Just wanted to post this guy and give a big thanks to @Action Jackson for holding him for so long(better part of a year!). Craig answered every question I could think of as well and has checked in regularly to see how my new Parsons is doing. It's easy to see he cares a lot about his chameleons and I'm glad I purchased from him.

As for the cham, he took a couple weeks to settle in, but doesn't seem shy at all now. He's taking food from my hands and doesn't seem bothered by my presence. He's been eating everyday and enjoys the basking light a lot. Right now I have him in a dragonstrand atrium until he gets larger.

If any other Parsons keepers want to get in touch with me, send a message. I'd be happy to talk chams and share any husbandry notes.


Congratulations and thanks for posting pictures of your CH Yellow Lip Calumma parsonii parsonii! It is great having more of CB and CH Calumma parsonii ssp. and phases on the Chameleon Forums. I am awaiting a mature pair and some fertile eggs to contribute to the cause.

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Jeremy A. Rich
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