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We just recently purchased an adult male chameleon to breed with our female. He came with a full size enclosure and a drip system the people originally put together. Our female is free ranged in our reptile room and has her own water mister and everything. I am looking for some tips on how to introduce them and was also wondering if it would be ok to put a moss mat on the bottom of his current cage to help with the water rather than the carpet that's currently in there. I attached a few pics of her set up/her and his so any tips would be appreciated. We also have a company page you can add us or messege us on.







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before you breed him, you need to get him feeling a bit better.

He doesn't look really bad, but he is a bit underweight, which can be seen from his casque, and hes a bit drab looking in color, which just means he either is about to shed, or he needs some good sun and food and supplements.

I would also give him a few weeks anyway to settle in, before introducing them.

What size is his cage?

I would avoid the moss mat, just so bugs don't get into it and such.

After hes settled in, you can simply let him out onto her free range and see how they do, watch for any aggression from either of them, and if you see any, remove him.

If she doesn't react, and stays nice and calm, then you can leave them to do the deed,

make sure you have a good lay bin for her.


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Im really not sure of the size I would have to ask my husband but when we first got him and I took those pics he was just starting a shed and he has been eating good and he has been looking better since we got him from his previous owners. Also we did try to introduce him already but she right away tried to attack him plus the bucket on the floor is her egg bin shes used it her last few clutches already.


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If she tried to attack him, then she isn't ready to breed.

Im glad hes looking better.

Like I said, he doesn't look bad, he just needs a bit of love and some good food and sun and Im sure he will brighten right up.

Most adult male veileds should be bright and happy looking, like mine.

You can see the full casque fat pad, and the bright colors.




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The couple we bought him from told us he didn't get the attention he should have cause her hubby was in the military and she was with the kids a lot so they put him up in a boarding place and this place was pretty bad from what I understand plus they had him in a really tiny cage there. But I already have a wellness visit set up to get him checked out just incase like I do all my new reptiles I get from other people.


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Then im sure he will be just fine.

Good food, good cage, and some sun, and he will be right as rain in no time.

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