New to the forum, veiled chameleon question


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Hi im new to the forum, and need help

Okay so i got a veiled chammy from my local pet store and set it up in a full out screen viv, but since ive done it every time she comes out on the vives and lays there basking she has a camo looking affect i dont know if this is okay or is there something wrong with her?



what king of lights/uvb do you use and can you post a pic of the complete of the full set up? Also welcome to the forums:D


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Most likely needs a little time to settle in. She may be showing a little stress with the dark spots. Give her a few days to get used to her new surroundings and she should be fine. She may show some darker colors while basking at times as well. Welcome to the forums! Here is a great resource for veiled chameleons...

You will need to have plans for a laying bin (she will develop eggs even without a male cham nearby!). Here's the links to some info...

Best of luck with your new girl! :D
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