new to the cham world :)


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:D just wanted to say hi to everyone!
I just purchased my first chameleon about a month ago, and let me say I LOVE them! I'm not new to the reptile world. I had 2 iguanas when I was a child and I liked reptiles ever since. My problem was that I bounced between species. I've had breaded dragons, skinks, snakes, turtles.....etc. but I have now found my speices, Chameleons!:p I don't think ill own another species of reptile.
I'm so happy to have found this forum. It is amazing!!! Keep up the great work!!:cool:
How do u get more green squares near ur info in the corner or become a senior member?

Welcome to the forum. I know you become a Senior member once you reach a certain number of posts.

We love pictures so post a picture of your cham! :D
Hi Chrystal and welcome! I am glad you are enjoying chameleon ownership!! As far as the green squares...when people give you reputation points that is how you build your status. I think it is every 200 points you receive, then you get a green square. I am not sure if number of posts changes you from junior member, to member, to Senior member. I thought it was reputation squares.. I might be wrong on this though!!!.
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