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Hello my name is Melvin and I just bought a veiled chameleon, my 6 year old daughter named him Pascal after the chameleon from Tangled lol. I live in Washington state and am originally from Puerto Rico. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow and I'm ready to learn all I can about him and how to take care of him.
Can you post some pics of him and the set up. I love seeing baby veileds:) welcome to the forums, it's a great place to learn about every chameleon in the pet trade.
Welcome to the forum! cant wait to see some pics of your new friend!

here is a link to our Chameleon Care Resources, they are filled with info on the care of chameleons, as well as specific caresheets for different species.

also, this is a link to a blog of lots of different feeders for chameleons and how much they can make of a chams diet.

and this one is a great recipe for a really nutritious gutload to feed your feeders with to give your chams the most nutrition possible :)

glad to have you here!
Pics of Pascal !!!



well this are some pics of Pascal from when we brought him home... I have made some changes to the habitat since then, I removed all that moss stuff at the bottom of the habitat... I read somewhere in here that its not good for them :(

Thanks for all the links and any advice is more than welcome!!!
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