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Just recently recieved a female xantholophus from a trusted breeder, brought her home and put her in my male, who's name is Montezuma, or Monty for short, she started swaying back and forth almost to say "Come over here!" and when Monty got over there, he tried to make the moves on her and she somewhat was trying to stop him by grabbing his front paws. Maybe you guys can help me out here.
i have a pair of jackson too......... thats is natural since the female is still new to the environment and not receptive. Try to introduce them by placing them together for a few minutes and then lengthen their stay, preferebly place the male into the female's cage. When they get used to each other the male will mount the female!!! good luck!!!
I have a fairly large custom built cage for my jacksons, it's basically one huge cage that I can slide a peice of peg board through the middle and it split the cage in half, thus making two cages...should I split the two up or leave them in one large cage? She's been teasing and taunting him, but everytime he tries to mount, she declines...It's actually kind of humourous.
If she is swaying, hissing, gaping, rocking back and forth and (possibly) turning dark colors, she is likely not receptive or already gravid. Leaving them together could result in a fight when the female is not receptive. In the wild they can move away from each other if they are not ready to mate....if you put them in a cage together, there is no where to escape to.
Thanks Kinyonga, I'll seperate them for the time being, I'll have to get photos, I'm not sure right now, as I just got her yesterday, if she was just well fed or may be gravid, hard to say.
Well, so much for quarantine then I guess. I wouldn't try to breed them again until you know that she's settled in way better. Plus, if she's an adult, you need to know that she's not already gravid. And I don't think that the swaying is her teasing him.. I'm pretty sure she's letting him know that she's not receptive. They shouldn't be living together anyways. They should always be kept separate until actual breeding. Then they should be separated again right after.
I've had my female for about, oh, two or three weeks now. Everytime she see's the male she still turns black and sways, not to mention she looks pretty tubby, she has since I got her, I'm wondering if I got her when she was gravid, she looks pretty big now. I'll have to get some photos for you guys to see, but I need to wait til she is finished with her shed, she still kinda has some shedding.
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