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Hello fellow chameleon addicts,

I have a 2 month old veil chameleon and I think its time to move him out to a bigger enclosure. I plan on building one but before I can get started; I have some questions.

1. What type of mesh/screen would be best?
2. What measurements are YOUR cages? (to give me an estimate on mine)
3. Would using screen frame be better than using wood?

Thank you.
I personally think it is all your own preference... on the wood or screen frames.... i used to have a 30x30x18 fresh air habitat from ESU but i felt it got too small and built my new enclosure.... but it is up to you and your home and such as to what you want to build buy or long as you have all the essentials he needs you will be fine... what all are you going to put into your enclosure? Misters, droppers, etc???

What size is your enclosure now?
2 months is pretty little is my opinion that an 18 x 12 x 18 or close to this size enclosure is perfect even up to 5 months old.
I would definetely start planning the big cage but there is no rush.

Yeah for a two month old.........i place them in a 1ft X 1ft X 2 ft tall enclosure. Once they grow to about 4 months, I start moving them to bigger enclosure, 2ft X 2ft X 3ft and then gradually move them to a 2ft X 2 ft x 4 ft enclosure. Good Luck!
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