new setup new light what light is best for me? and which way to make it?


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so after 10 months in my new home its time to
fix my chameleon cage....
he needs a little upgrade here and there where i dindt had the time
for when we moved in .. as you can see on the picture 2 lights are on
top on the left and right.. and 1 light in the cage.. yes i know its bad.. but
it was a option.. and i needed a fast solution and it worked now for 10 months properly... its a reptisun light uv bulb.. and i wanna get 2 or 1 lights on top
of the cage but the problem is how to to it so good then he receaves enough
uvb rays.. i got a lucky reptile cage looks small a bit on a picture but its
120 wide 60 depth and 1 meter high ... the sides and back side gonna be curck
substrate going out.. and getting some realy fine sand that becomes hard..
so it looks nice have some nice cork rounds for the dirt for the plants... and im gonna work some up instead of spreaded all the place
But that damn light... as i said its screen top 2 screen i can take out on top
both 60/50 x2 that i can both take out...
got any solution for me how i can fix this uvb long t5 in our country they call it TL theres the pick of the cage cant upload it again lolz .. :p sorry help me out thx!!
I would just go to your local petsmart/petco/other pet store and get a 2 foot long uvb 10.0 or 5.0 tube bulb and a mount for it. Covers the whole top of the cage and is a heck of a lot brighter.
It will cover more of the top of the cage and emits light in all 360% , but with a dome on it, it will concentrate more light all through the top of the cage.

And having a huge light VS a small coil with a dome will benefit the chameleon more and yes, make the cage brighter even with screen.
i checked out the kammerflage website
and in addition i have a veiled they have a
panther palace kit they sell and they are working
with 30" ReptiSun Terrarium Hood
24" ReptiSun 5.0 Bulb

now i wanna get my a hood like that or the exo terra one that can hold
2 uvb long lights instead of the 1 that the reptisun terraium hood can any ideas?
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