New Senegal Chameleon.


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Well let me start off by saying i have had pets all my life. But this is my first reptile. I Bought A young senegal Chameleon and i've had it for 2 days and have not seen it eat any crickets, and the the crickets dont appear to be lessining. I dont really know what to do, and I have been trying to do research on senegal chameleons but have not had much luck in finding information on them. can anyone please help. any information would be greatly appreciated.
There isn't much information out there on Senegals. I've kept a few of them over the years and they have done well for me.

How big/old is it?

What is the temperature in the basking area? Ambient?

Are you providing it with UVB light from either a UVB tube light or from exposure to direct sunlight. (The light shouldn't pass through glass or plastic.)

Senegals really need to be kept well-hydrated or they do poorly. Do you mist it or have a dripper for it?
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